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2022 Bathroom Design Trends

bathroom design trends

2022 Bathroom Design Trends

Wooden Design

When it comes to creating a warm and trendy bathroom, wood looking tiles offer the best of both worlds: the warmth and coziness of wood and the durability and strength of tile.

Planned Imperfection

Wabi-sabi acknowledges three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”Bathroom design trends for 2022 embrace imperfections and create a comfortable and casual atmosphere. It is best to look at nature and copy its imperfections to achieve this look.

Twin Showerheads

It’s easy to create a luxurious bathroom with the addition of a twin shower. This trend is not only going to elevate your bathroom but it is also great fun! You probably did not know that you need it until you have it.

Industrial Style

Industrial style is all about contrasts, strength, and beauty. It puts metal, wood, and concrete together to create an enticing effect that accents contemporary fixtures beautifully.

Tub Without Bounds

Interior design in 2022 shows changes in faucets, lighting and wall colours. One element remains a favourite forever, the bathtub in the bedroom. It also looks like a Bali resort in photos, we love it!

New & Nostalgia-infused 80`s Bathroom Colours

This trend may not be for everyone and is not our favourite and we are not sure how long it will last. The New and Nostalgia-infused 80`s Bathroom Colours palette offers 80`s eye-popping choices that make it easy to create a total look with patterned accessories.