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How to make your home renovation high-end in a budget 


How to make your home renovation high-end in a budget 

Whether you renovate a whole house or a room, it’s obvious that you’ll need to source reliable, good-quality materials at a reasonable price. 

Material choosing and sourcing are important component of the renovation process that drives efficiency executed properly, or delays a project significantly if managed poorly. When you manage your own renovation project, choosing the right materials and getting them to the project site can be challenging for any home renovation. In many cases, sourcing causes blown deadlines and cost overruns 

I am going to give you some life-saving tips to both overcome this challenge and make your home renovation high-end with ensuring product quality. 


You get what you pay for, but when talking about renovation materials, you can achieve the finish and aesthetics you want by understanding the project specifications and taking the time to source materials from a variety of suppliers. 

Sourcing renovation materials from a variety of suppliers will not only give you a range of prices, but it will also provide a range of alternate materials that will provide high quality. 

Instead of buying everything from one supplier, finding the best supplier for each material at the best price will both reduce your renovation cost and enable you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can even go further and ask it to be produced for you, this custom-made manufacturing will make your renovation unique and you will get a high-end renovation.  

Dealing with so many different suppliers can feel overwhelming and impossible to manage. There are companies that provide personal shopping that will do this for you. For instance, some companies do this for you from overseas, it designs and manufactures both more affordable and custom-made products for you. 


If you want to make your home renovation high-end, the renovation products you choose must also be aesthetically pleasing. You can’t buy a product just because it’s high quality, it should also reflect your taste. When you work with a builder and partly leave the material selection to him, you never know what you’ll get. That’s why you should plan your house or the room you are going to renovate for what it needs and how you want it to look, and have a drawing made. With this drawing, you know exactly what the products you will buy or produce will look like, and if necessary, you can share it with your builder. 

If you are unsure of what kind of material can be used for the construction of your floor plan, or if you are having trouble deciding which product matches with which material, then it is best to have a 3D drawing. These drawings are so useful for you during the construction phase that showing them to the builder will completely eliminate any misunderstanding that may arise.  

Time Management  

All renovation projects have to be driven by a schedule. The goal of every project is to maintain the alignment between resource availability and workforce availability. Simply stated, materials must be on-site and available for the workforce to utilize for assembly and installation.  

Ensuring the proper type and correct quantity of construction material is key to project success. In large part, this is based on the material sourcing time, which is the amount of time it takes to get products on-site once it has been ordered from the material supplier.  

Product lead times vary by material or how much custom-made products are going to use in your renovation.  Commonly used renovation materials will have a shorter lead time, but large volume orders, fabricated materials, or special materials sourced from a particular geographic locale can have lead times of weeks or even months in some cases. Understanding the lead times associated with the renovation materials specified for a project is extremely important for on-time project completion.   

Nowadays you also have to consider the renovation material shortage in Australia to understand your renovation project time scheduling. Or, to overcome this problem, you can agree with a company that you can bring your renovation materials from overseas to your doorstep. In this way, you can access quality materials at a more affordable price and let the company do the time management for you. 

Strategic planning to reduce costs 

Material costs represent a major expense that can encompass up to 60% of an overall renovation project budget. Making strategic considerations in accordance with time, quality and design in the selection and sourcing process of renovation materials can be used as a tool to reduce project costs and have a high-end renovation. 

In summary, if you do your renovation by considering the following, you can make a high-end home renovation that fits your budget. 

  • Eliminate the costs of architects and interior designers when planning the renovation, and work with an architectural draftsperson who draws your own will. 
  • Be persistent in finding the product you want, get it made if necessary 
  • Don’t give up on quality and don’t be afraid to pay for quality material 
  • Find overseas suppliers if you’re having trouble finding materials or if material shortages in Australia have affected your renovation 
  • If you think you cannot manage these processes, find a company that can do and manage these above for you. 

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