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How to plan your reno?

Plan reno

How to plan your reno?

Get your owner builder permit in Australia, and familiarise yourself with especially OHS laws.

Now the moment of facts! When you start checking prices for the pieces you decided you might realise they are above your budget. Time to source products with reasonable price and make changes if necessary. Sourcing products you want with a cheaper price tag will take long time. Don’t give up! But do not get too attached as You might even end up making changes in the overall design at this stage.

Check your budget again and make sure you won’t end up with a half done home.

Choose your builder. A good builder will have references, be confident and can even give you some good design ideas. I like knowing my overall budget so prefer not to work hourly rate. I know, in that case builders have to add all extra cost and extra hours but I personally find it hard to trust someone I have just met. Trust is something you build over time, so if I am working with a builder I worked earlier, hourly rates are fine.

If you will project manage yourself, this is when you sign agreements with all tradies. Sometimes, tradies might have their own team they would want to work with. This usually makes your job easier as they coordinate your job and other renovations together.

When you sign all agreements, make sure you write down all details of the work. This is also your opportunity to clarify the job with your tradies. Show architectural drawings to make it crystal clear and avoid extra cost.

Decide together with your tradies /builder on a finish date and put it in the contract. To be honest, I have never seen any renovation finishing on time but better to set the tone at the beginning.

Choose and order what you need. Finalise fittings, fixtures and appliances. Do not order last minute or make changes last minute. Things that may look like small changes for you might be really costly. Usually there is wait time for many products or delivery can be an issue. If you order first and all products ready for the tradies, there will be less mistakes and misunderstandings.

Complete your snag list. Highlight problems that you think might be a problem and find solutions beforehand. If you are trying an unusual design or a rare product, discuss possible problems or issues that might be costly for you with your builder. DO not leave them till they become actual problems

Have your support group ready. Have a few friends with comfy shoulders. My way of relaxation is talking to friends and just vomiting all my frustration and then I am fine. Do what feels right for you; yoga, meditation, exercise, candles, writing a journal.

Ready set and go…