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How to set out your renovating goals?

renovating goals

How to set out your renovating goals?

What do you want to achieve with your renovation and Why?

Start with the end in your mind. Are you planning to renovate and sell? live in it? Airbnb? or rent? All will be quite different renovations. If you are selling, decide on the design based on how much do you want to sell it for? Same for Airbnb and renting.

If you will live in it, you are not designing your renovation you are designing your and your family’s future life. Renovating your life is harder.

If you decide what you would like to achieve first, design choices will come easily.

Find ways to increase property value

Maybe you can get a larger living area by knocking down walls or more appealing style. By changing the layout you can get maybe add a  bedroom and or a  bathroom/ensuite.  

Start budgeting

You can decide on the budget after design and try to save and finish the reno bit by bit but this is the hard way. Check out my video….Right way to do renovation is to start with a budget and push yourself to stay in the budget. Your brain will enjoy the creative solutions you come up with😊

Collecting ideas to help visualise what you want your renovated house to look like 

Start the design by deciding on the feel you would like to create in this house. Plan, plan and finally plan again. Create mood boards to visualise.

Talk with the professionals you will work with to decide how realistic your goals are

Some jobs are for professionals. Do not try to DIY. You may want to knock down a wall but is it really possible? Actually, everything is possible but how costly? You would like to add a room in your attic; can asbestos be an issue? or electrical cables? Or mould? Do you need council approval?

Finalise budget

Get quotes from at least 3 builders. Check their reputation and personalities. I know, you are not making a friend here but they will be your family for the next 6 months.

Be realistic about how much you can afford (apply PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) model calculation to budget) 

Final decision on the design style

Generally knowing your colour palette or design style helps you to make your decisions faster.In my opinion, It is always better to mix design styles but avoid miss match or more than two styles. When a house screams a certain style, it simply irritates me. Easier way to make it more homely design is to add some unique/ timeless pieces from Lifeline or antique stores.