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Make the windows area style fit the room 

window area style

Make the windows area style fit the room 


A bathroom may be an ideal place to introduce a softer touch by including green plants and small still life. The window may also be a good place to introduce plants to create privacy or to hold your beauty products while you use them. You can arrange your favorite perfumes into a still life in a shady bathroom window—it keeps them handy when you want them, and they make a pretty arrangement. 


You can make the kitchen window reflect the function of the room by storing practical items arranged in a decorative way. Combine houseplants with everyday things you want at hand in the course of the day, like a pretty pestle and mortar, a hand-thrown bowl, or a plate of tomatoes ripening in the sun. This will naturally depend on where the window is in relation to the countertop and table. 

Living Room

Living room windows are often large and they can provide too much natural light. It’s a good idea to have double curtains in a living room to avoid the reflection on the tv screen. Depending on your style in the living room, you can use still life with candles, books and vases.  


The bedroom is the place where most people can relax, sleep, and start and finish the day. It’s a good idea to choose curtains for the bedroom windows that are made of a heavy fabric so that they will soundproof the room and keep out light. A floor-to-ceiling curtain on a rail or rod will allow you to shut out all the light when it’s time to sleep. Certain plants produce oxygen at night, contributing to a good night’s rest. The room can be decorated with plenty of mood lighting to complement the main overhead lighting and reading lamps by the bed. Brightly-lit window lamps with dimmer switches are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in the evening and creating a calm start to the day. 

Study Room

The room with a northeast-facing window usually has less glare from the computer screen. It’s hard to choose curtains that will look good in a home office; you should consider factors like the direction the room faces and the colors of furniture in the room. In the study room, pens, brushes, and rulers can be used to make models on a windowsill. If you use objects that naturally belong in the room, as well as things that are related to your hobbies or favorite things, it will make you feel better when you’re working there. 

Kids Room

When children are really small the kind of things, we usually use to design the window can be a problem. Lamps run the risk of being knocked over and many plants turn out to be poisonous when a child decides to taste the leaves. So, it’s better to use a windowsill for special toys, books, Legos and puzzles. If you want to create changes in level, hang something nice from the top edge of the window – a pendant plant, a flower pot, or a small figure makes shadow and reflections.