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Oversized Doors in Residential Interiors

Oversized Doors

Oversized Doors in Residential Interiors

Interior doors serve many purposes, such as providing security and privacy in homes, separating spaces and buffering noise. But besides these obvious functions, they can set the tone for a room and enhance its aesthetics with their beauty, becoming powerful design features in their own right. It should never be taken lightly when designing any interior.  

With this effect in mind, try to consider every factor when choosing a door, including colour, material, style and swinging motion. Dimensions are also important but tend to be standard as they are limited by the size of the door frame. They usually do not exceed 203 cm in height and range from 70 to 90 cm in width. 

With an emphasis on sleek shapes and clean lines, today’s interior doors are often made of glass or metal panels that slide open horizontally rather than vertically as traditional ones do. They’re designed to open onto rooms with an interesting view that makes them stand out from others nearby. They provide visual interest from the inside without sacrificing privacy through frosted glass or opaque patterns made up of geometric shapes. 

Oversized doors have been seen in many contemporary houses, and are especially popular in homes with large halls and tall ceilings. They are often customized, require a bigger investment and are associated with luxury. However, their ability to make a bold statement is unmatched. These dramatic floor-to-ceiling doors draw the attention of users and accentuate the height of a building, making any space grand and elegant. 

A large door can be a beautiful thing. It says: welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home. That’s why many modern homes opt for oversized interior doors, which can be very functional compared to smaller, narrower alternatives. They provide larger access points that can be useful for entertaining or for moving large furnishings. When opened, this bigger space promotes an open, airy feeling that can be very appealing in modern designs where spaciousness is highly appreciated. At the same time, this also implies greater exposure to natural light and a better visual and physical connection between spaces. 

If you have an oversized opening in your home this is your chance to highlight this area with  a custom-sized door 

When you’re building or renovating, you’ll want to make sure that every part of your house is exactly what you want, and that includes your doors. Your doors should be the perfect size for your space, so if you’re working with a large opening in your home, there are plenty of options available. You can choose between wood, glass or fibreglass with steel frames and various finishes to match any style or budget. 

Wooden doors are warm and inviting, but they can also be sleek and modern when paired with steel frames. Glass doors offer privacy while still letting light into your home, while fibreglass doors provide durability and strength without sacrificing style. 

Apart from their material properties, oversized doors can be classified into four main groups according to their type of opening motion: pivot, sliding, single-hinged and double. They all have their own pros and cons. The quality of the product makes a great difference when it comes to doors; especially oversized ones 

To inspire homeowners and architects, let’s explore these through a selection of beautiful oversized doors – of diverse material compositions – that certainly make a statement in modern residential interiors 

Pivot doors 

Pivot doors rotate on a vertical axis with nearly invisible hardware, creating a seamless transition between spaces while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. When combined with oversized dimensions, this aesthetic is enhanced, evoking greatness that is unparalleled compared to other alternatives. 

Sliding doors 

Sliding doors are characterized by their simple sideways motion and provide a grand transition between spaces while saving space, making them ideal for cramped spaces with tall ceilings. Since these are naturally heavier, it is crucial for the door track to remain in good condition to ensure smooth movement, which implies regular maintenance from dirt, moisture or normal wear and tear. 

Single-hinged doors 

Oversized single-hinged doors are double-the-impact in size and style. They offer a unique, strong character that sets them apart from standard-sized options. They can also be used as a pivot or flush hinges. 

Double oversized doors 

Double oversized doors are a great way to maximize the feeling of spaciousness in any room. Double doors are composed of a pair of single doors – which can be pivot or regular-hinged doors – that open away from each other. These oversized double doors offer double the impact, maximizing the feeling of spaciousness in any room.