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About us


Our purpose at Boxareno is deeply rooted in a commitment to transforming how homes and commercial buildings are constructed in Australia. We aim to introduce advanced modular building techniques that not only streamline construction processes but also significantly enhance the affordability and accessibility of quality housing.


To lead the modular construction movement in Australia by leveraging our international experience and resources. We aim to set new standards in the building industry, offering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and communities.


To revolutionise the building industry by providing sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective construction solutions that address the urgent needs of the Australian market. We are committed to reducing construction costs and timelines, making quality housing more accessible and aiding in the resolution of the housing crisis.

What Sets Us Apart

Exclusive Partnerships
As the exclusive Australian distributor of a major international construction firm, we bring world-class technology and practices to the local market. Our advanced solutions strictly adhere to Australian building codes and standards, ensuring every project meets the required of safety and compliance.

Global Experience
With numerous successful projects completed overseas, we bring a wealth of international experience to Australia. This global perspective informs our approach and enhances our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Integrated Services
From concept design and contracting management to in-house production and on-site assembly, our comprehensive service offering covers the entire lifecycle of a construction project. This ensures efficiency and quality at every step.

Cost and Time Efficiency
Our modular homes and, if required, ability to bring direct labour from our international networks reduce both construction costs and time significantly, providing a strategic advantage in the current housing market.

Sustainable Practices
We are dedicated to sustainability, utilising eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient building methods to minimise environmental impact. Our commitment extends beyond construction, aiming to improve overall community well-being.

Join Our Journey

If you’re looking to build a new home or are interested in learning how modular construction can meet your needs, Boxareno is here to transform your vision into reality. Connect with us to discover how our innovative building solutions can help you achieve your goals.